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5 daily sustainable swaps

5 daily sustainable swaps

During one of my many long hot relaxing baths that I love to have, my eyes were suddenly attracted to the array of shampoo & conditioner bottles neatly stacked in corner of the bath.

It suddenly occurred to be how much plastic waste was sitting right there in front of me. Like many girls, I have long and very thick hair and go through tons of conditioner equating to tons of empty plastic bottles, which, to me is a sad realisation of how much plastic waste I produce.

So after thinking about how I can change this, I happened to be doing my usual scroll through Instagram (in the bath) and I came across Lush’s account.

I quickly clicked onto their feed and perused through their products. After a lot of researching and finding out that they are against animal testing, they are 100% vegetarian, use naked packaging and buy ethically, I decided that Lush UK were going to be my eco-friendly sustainable swap go to.

But what products could I swap?




Shower gel?



So one lovely sunny afternoon myself and Stu took a trip to Lush in Truro, the moment we set foot in the shop, we were immediately engulfed in various scents (some of which were very overpowering).

After scanning the shelves covered in different brightly coloured products we were both slightly overwhelmed so one of Lush’s lovely staff members came to help us.

I was very impressed with their ethos of if you happen to buy anything that was packaged in their recyclable plastic pots, then you could bring the same pot back and refill it with that particular product. Not only that but, if you refilled 5 times you receive a free one, a great way to stop single use plastic waste (well done Lush).

Swap number 1 ….. SHAMPOO

Currently use Aussie Hair miracle and opted for a shampoo bar.

The shampoo bar I decided on was called Jason and the argon oil. With its vibrant pink colour, this round shaped bar retails at £6.50 per 55g, I picked this bar because I have very thick hair that can become very tangled and dry after being in the sea, as I regularly go in the sea, it is really important to me to have a product that keeps my hair strong and soft.

The 4 main ingredients of this shampoo bar are:

Argan oil  – which is good for Soothing and full of antioxidants.

Organic Rose Absolute – for restoring your hair.

Sicili Geranium Oil- Toning and balancing

Lemon Oil – Uplifting and cleansing

Swap number 2……. CONDITIONER

Just like the shampoo I was currently using Aussie hair conditioner and chose a conditioner bar instead.

I picked a conditioner bar named JUNGLE. Retailing at £6.50 per 55g, this green solid conditioner bar smells like it is packed with tropical fruit. It is in fact stuffed with oils and cocoa butter to calm a crazy mane. The cocoa butter base, fresh figs, kumquats and passion fruits claim to add shine and hydrate hair. The conditioning part comes from the fresh bananas and avocados that are mashed into this base.

Swap number 3…… SHOWER GEL

I was using a popular choice for many, Original Source shower gel. I went for a body soap bar

Now this was a tough one for me because as a bath lover I adore a nice smelling scent to soak in. After sniffing what seemed like a mountain of soaps, I picked one named the sea vegetable. This is probably because of my love for the ocean and how it makes me feel. It retails at £3.50 per 100g.

The soap bar is filled with mineral-rich seaweed that also looks as as if you have a personal chunk of the ocean for you to keep.

It genuinely smells divine, just like the ocean but the nice parts, not the stinky seaweed smell. It has antiseptic lavender oil, exfoliating sea salt, and nutrient-rich seaweed.



Swap number 4 …….TOOTHPASTE

The classic Colegate has been choice for years but have gone for DIRTY TOOTH TABS

This again was an odd one for me; I struggled to get my head around not having a squeezable tube and having to bite a dry tablet.  The tooth tabs retail at £4.95 for 100 tablets.

To use this product you basically chew one tablet, wet your toothbrush and away you scrub. We use a sustainable bamboo toothbrush made by Wearebristle. They run a subscription service allowing you to have a bamboo toothbrush conviently delivered to your door.  

The tabs are made with neroli, spearmint and kaolin oils, leaving your teeth feeling very clean and minty fresh. The packaging is a small recyclable plastic bottle, a very hand size to go travelling with and also lush will refill the same bottle when you run out.

Swap number 5…….DEODORANT

Was using Sure aerosol deodorant and went to the T’eo deodorant bar.

I was the most impressed with this sustainable swap, the stunning smelly bar is made from super-absorbent powders. The ingredients consist of fresh green grapes, juniper and citrus essential oils which keep you dry and fresh.


Lush also do a very reasonably priced  range of stainless steel pots and tubs to keep your awesome new sustainable swaps in.


Well how has it gone?

The overall outcome of trying out my sustainable swaps is that I now don’t think I could ever go back to using the single use wasteful toiletries that I was using before.

The shampoo lathers lovely and goes a really long way. I felt it cleaned my hair really well and left a very pleasant scent which wasn’t to overpowering. It did leave my hair feeling the same way as when you wash your face with soap, that strange rubbery feeling, which then left very excited to try my next swap, the condiotioner.

The conditioner didn’t lather quite as well as the shampoo but it did seem to go a long way. The smell is amazing and I left it in my hair for around 3 mins before rinsing it out. I can honestly say my hair felt immediately softer.

The Dirty tooth tabs have a slight tangy taste to begin with but soon turns in to the spearmint taste I have grown accustomed to over the years. It was quite a refreshing product to use as well as a bit of a fun novelty.

The deodorant does take a little getting used to as you rub this bar on so it is quite rough. At first, the fragrance is quite potent but soon settles down. I found after a long day I was still lovely and fresh, it is a perfect pocket size, so it wouldn’t take up much room if you were to go away.

Not only do the Lush products smell better but it has also brought out my inner eco warrior to the surface! I would highly recommend all of the sustainable swaps  I’ve used and they have been great fun to try out. Thank you Lush you have created to some awesome eco-friendly products.

Ever used Lush‘s products?

Let me know what you make of them below. What should I try next?

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