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A coastal project for Kernowcraft

I’ve recently had the wonderful pleasure of working on a coastal project with Kernowcraft, just the word coastal made my heart skip and filled me with utter excitement.

Kernowcraft are a Cornish jewellery suppliers located in the beautiful beach village of Perranporth and they have been established for over 50 years now.

I was supplied with everything I needed for this project including a gorgeous sterling silver adjustable leaf ring to be set with a coastal inspired green aventurine gemstone cabochon, as well as a really helpful tutorial video of how to set the gemstone into the ring.

So where better to complete this coastal project then on my favourite beach of all time, Watergate Bay.

Off I set with my backpack and the dogs, I found the perfect spot nestled amongst the rocks. With the sun was shining, salt in the air and the sounds of the waves crashing, I started my coastal project.

It was very easy to set the stone and involved mixing some epoxy glue, mixing it and then putting a small layer of the glue where the stone is to be set. I then added the green aventurine stone and applied a small amount of pressure and allowed it to go off.

After being inspired by this I also decided to make a few necklaces with some seaglass I had collected from Tolcarne beach, Kernowcraft offered me great advice on how make these. I decided to use their silver plated leaf and feather bails to attach to the sea glass.

Whilst waiting for the glue to go hard I started my necklaces. I carefully selected the perfect peice of seaglass to fit the bails. I scuffed the bails slightly with sand paper and the applied the same epoxy glue to the back. Then it was a case of attaching it to the selected seaglass, being careful not to get glue everywhere.

I took the dogs for a quick run and by the time I got back to my secret spot all the pieces had set. There is something about being able to wear a part of the oceans treasures that is truly humbling.

So if you fancy giving it a go then…..

Kernowcraft is the place to go. They are a truly fantastic team of experienced jewellers and are experts at guiding you through creating your own perfect piece of jewellery, whilst giving you support and advice if needed.

They provide everything you need including a huge selection stones, cabochons, gemstones, beads, briolettes and faceted stones, or you can add you own pieces such as seaglass or sea pottery.

Thankyou so much Kernowcraft.





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    22nd February 2018 at 10:31 am

    Thank you so much Lucy for this and your kind words! This was such a lovely read & we love how you went to the beach to make – that must have been so relaxing.

    A stunning selection of sea glass, we love the finished pieces!

    The Kernowcraft Team x

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